you're an angel and i hope you know that

by skate priest

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recorded between may and august 2016

basically some unfinished demos, rarities and scrapped ideas
i decided to release because i still put a lot of effort into each track
and i didn't want to let these songs go to waste

however, this will probably be the last thing released under this name
as i feel that i have done everything i could have done with this project
you can follow my tumblr if you want to keep up with my other music
thank you and much love to everyone who supported this project



released September 17, 2016



all rights reserved


skate priest Germany

graveyard pop bbs

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Track Name: shaking
will you wear black gloves
laying down in the middle of the road
i'll be here in a month
shaking and with my breathing slowed
in the dark but i am not cold
and when you come
i won't feel a thing i hope
Track Name: black clothes
i won’t breathe for two days
i won’t eat for three
i will live on pills
i won’t go to sleep

i will wrap myself up
in a plastic bag
i will paint my nails
i will stay in bed

i want to feel overwhelmed
i want to wear your black clothes
Track Name: serenity
when you wake up from a dream
and feel your cat jump onto your chest
scaring the shit out of you
that is a beautiful feeling
when you want someone to hold you
that is a beautiful feeling
i feel beautiful when i'm at peace with myself
i watch you smile and i want it to rain
so i can forget about my body
i watch you smile and i feel serene
Track Name: pure
i will buy a wig and put new makeup on
it will smell like flowers and it will be pretty
i'm going to get high and stay in bed
until i starve to death
Track Name: happiness
a pair of five-and-a-half-foot fences
dividing the backyards
i lay down in the dirt of the alley
to take a flash photograph of the sky
outlines of shadows appearing
in the corner of my eye
Track Name: goth boys in love
you can come to my grave
we can wear black all day
we could paint our nails
or we could just take pills
Track Name: all my dreams have been nightmares lately
he's made of bones
waits in the sky
and lightning hits
as i get high
the sound rolls
throughout the sky
he's taking
a photograph
it's of me
it's of my life
it's raining now
i feel alright
when judgement day
comes around
he will have proof
i'm floating now
Track Name: flowers
i can feel you in my sleep
i can see your face
tearing holes in me
i'm this dark space
i'll kill these dreams
and when i'm dead
there will be no need
to put flowers there